Homebrewing – The beginning

Homebrewing: What is it? How do I start? Some Tips and Tricks and a small example of it.


What is homebrew?

Homebrew is a term that we use to call all that content that is created by users. It’s not official related to the original product, generally made for personal use.

Taking D&D as an example, you can see homebrew in house rules, custom monsters, own adventures and in many more places! Continue reading “Homebrewing – The beginning”

Hello, world!

Welcome! What is this? Who am I?

Yes, the title is cliche and to some of you might give insight on what my background is as well. But cliche and all, we love it!


Anyways! This is my blog, big thanks for stopping by and checking this out, I love games and I hope you do too! And if you don’t, I hope I can help fix that, well, let’s cut to the chase. Continue reading “Hello, world!”