Hello, world!

Welcome! What is this? Who am I?


Yes, the title is cliche and to some of you might give insight on what my background is as well. But cliche and all, we love it!


Anyways! This is my blog, big thanks for stopping by and checking this out, I love games and I hope you do too! And if you don’t, I hope I can help fix that, well, let’s cut to the chase.

What is this?

RPG Sandbox is where I’ll come and write stuff about Tabletop games, mostly about RPGs and more specifically: Dungeons and Dragons.

The topics I’ll write about are simple: Things I love from the game, my experiences, the player interactions and my favorite part:

Content Creating (Homebrewing). Creating new content is simply awesome! I will not only talk about the ones I’ve created but also converse about some tips and tricks I use and hopefully get you interested as well to see what delves deep within your mind!

Feel free to chip in, I don’t pretend I know everything or that everything I say is correct and I’d love to hear your opinions on these topics, creating and playing should be inclusive activities, so feel free and give us your opinion as long as it’s kept civil of course.

So… who am I anyways?

To put it simply: a GM, a Player, a Creator.

Well, I won’t claim that I have years and years of experience with D&D or even tabletop games in general. But what I DO have is a lot of passion burning inside me that just wants to get out there.

As part of my background I have taken part on game design so that has given me a lot of insight and a critical eye to see what makes a game great.

I am, however, a stickler for rules and my favorite one is “The Rule of Cool“. The most important part of any game is to enjoy it.

Currently I run a couple of regular campaigns of D&D 5e and to be blunt: I adore it. So I’m just going to write about whatever highlights we get and hopefully give you some tips to make your games a bit more fun.


  • I’ll write about TTRPGS (Mostly D&D)
  • Share some homebrews and tips
  • I love D&D and hopefully you too

Thanks again for reading this far, I’ll be over here, writing. If you want to get in touch feel free to write a comment down below! or follow me on Twitter @RPGSandbox.

Don’t be shy, I appreciate ALL kinds of feedback! (as long as you keep it civil)

Author: Kexxar

GM, Player, Creator. I love games, and I love creating for games.