I’m just your average ordinary gamer, it’s just that I also love to create content for games I play. Since my main focus is D&D let’s see how it all started

I got the 4th edition Starter Set as a present for one of my birthdays (Thanks uncle!) and I got my closest friends and started playing, for our current standards it was a disaster, but we had tons of fun regardless, so much that we still play after quite a few years.

Currently I play 5e and I love it, but that’s not a game I play exclusively, I really really like tabletop games, all kinds.

On the content creation subject, I do have a couple creations on the Dungeon Master’s Guild. But it doesn’t stop there, for my home games I have mountains of little things I’ve created.

My goal

Simply put: to create content that inspires others to create inspiring content.

Feedback is necessary

In order to output the best content I possibly can I need to learn what is it that you like and what is it that you dislike. Even small details say a lot!

Or hey, maybe you just have an idea that you want to share? That’s fine too!

The Form: